Tanzania: Use of Sh500 Notes to End Tanzania
The use of Sh500 notes will come to an end soon. The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) says it is conducting the final collections from banks for destruction. BoT has confirmed that the stock of the Sh500 denomination note has been finished. However, the notes will continue to be the legal tender for payments, until they more

The Governor of the Bank of Israel gave the new NIS 20 and NIS 100 banknotes to the President and the Prime Minister of Israel, and announced their distribution to the public beginning tomorrow Israel
Bank of Israel Governor Dr. Karnit Flug today gave the first new NIS 20 and NIS 100 banknotes to President Reuven Rivlin and to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  The Governor announced that, starting tomorrow, Thursday, the new banknotes will be distributed to the public through the commercial banks, automatic teller machines, and branches of the Post more