Liberian Govt. Plans to Print New Banknotes Liberia
The government of Liberia has announced plans to print new banknotes to replace the ones in circulation. The move is an attempt to save the crippling economy. The reason for the new move as disclosed by the Ministry of Information is that the government doesn’t know the total amount of banknotes circulating in the Liberian more

Albania Releases New Banknote Series Albania
The Bank of Albania introduced the new series of Albania banknotes on September 12, 2019. The current series of Lek banknotes was released 20 years ago which makes the new series even more special. The design of the new series is refreshing and modern. The high-quality banknotes are made durable with the state-of-the-art technology with more

Ulster Bank Unveils Polymer £20 note Designs for 2020 Northern Ireland
The Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland has revealed the new polymer £20 will look like once it enters circulation in early 2020. The theme ‘Living in Nature’ was developed based on discussions with experts and Northern Irish citizens.  The theme highlights Northern Ireland as a place to live with the spotlight on architecture and the more

New 200 Peso Notes Issued by Mexico Mexico
The Governor of Banco de Mexico has announced the release of the new 200 peso banknote, the second denomination in the new series of the Mexican banknotes. The new notes are made with anti-soiling cotton paper by Crane currency. The key security features included are: Rapid security thread is in blue with a sliding band more