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Australian $20 with Discernible Features for the Blind

The central bank of Australia has revealed a new $20 note that has tactile features incorporated in it. The features will help the blind and those with low vision to handle their money. 

The bank has included three raised bumps on each of the long edges of the note, making it easy to identify the value of the note. The new feature was added as a result of a successful campaign by Vision Australia and Connor McLeod in 2014.

The new design also includes innovative security features making it a counterfeiter’s nightmare. The new elements also include a top-to-bottom clear window that is also dynamic including a flying kookaburra that moves wings, changes color, and a reversing number 20. 

There is a patch that has a “rolling-color effect” and “microprint” that highlights excerpts from Mr. Flynn’s nook, ‘The Bushman’s Companion’ and the names of the Ms. Reibey’s ships. 

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