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Anniversary banknote dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Great Union from 1 December 1918

  • dimensions: 147×82 mm, with a tolerance of ± 1 mm;
  • predominant color: blue;
  • imprinted in flat / relief composite technique on polymer support;
  • complex transparent window.

Obverse: on the right, the portraits of King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria; below, on two rows, their names and years of life, respectively “THE KING OF FERDINAND I 1865-1927” and “REGINA MARIA 1875-1938”. In the central area, a picture of the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia, 1 December 1918.

Also on the obverse are printed: the Romanian coat of arms, on top left, the name of the central bank “NATIONAL BANK OF ROMANIA”, horizontally upwards, and below it, the medal with the NBR logo and, below, the years 1918-2018. The nominal value is entered four times, as follows: down, horizontally, in figures “100”; in the lower middle, in letters, on two rows “LEI UNA SUTĂ”; in the bottom right, vertically, in letters “UNA STUT LEI” and in upper right, vertically, in “100” digits.

The signatures of the governor and the central cashier are printed in the central part above the nominal value in letters.

The release date, namely “1 December 2018”, is printed vertically, to the right.

On the reverse of the banknote are illustrated the entrance of the royal alley in Bucharest on 1 December 1918 and a fragment from the royal palace of King Ferdinand I and four women in folk costumes specific to each united Romanian province: Bessarabia, Romania, Transylvania and Bukovina.


The name of the central bank “NATIONAL BANK OF ROMANIA” is higher, horizontally, and the NBR logo is positioned at the top right and bottom left.

The nominal value is printed as follows: vertically upside down and horizontally to the bottom right, in figures, “100” and horizontally to the lower left, in letters “UNA LEFT”.

Series and banknote number printed in two colors, red and black, are printed as follows: left, horizontally, red ink, in ascending height, and in the right-hand vertical, with black ink.

In order to protect against forgery, the banknote includes the following security features:

  1. Safety components included in the polymer substrate:
    1. a complex transparent vertical window containing the portraits of King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria, the text “ROMANIA”, a variable color band and a visible light-proof element, present in the middle of the stylized flower;
    2. watermark (representing a fragment of King Ferdinand I’s buzz and the NBR logo), located to the left of the obverse, visible when the banknote is lit from the opposite side of the viewer;
    3. text “ROMANIA 100” on the edges of the transparent window;
    4. microtext on the magnetic safety thread, in negative: “1 DECEMBER 1918 1 DECEMBER 2018”.
  2. Safety features added by printing:
    1. embossed printing, detectable by palpation:
      • on the obverse: the portraits of King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria, the image of the Great National Assembly in Alba Iulia, 1 December 1918, the coat of arms of Romania, the name of the central bank “NATIONAL BANK OF ROMANIA”, the medallion with the NBR logo, letters, and embossed “100” in the transparent window;
      • on the reverse: a fragment from King Ferdinand I, the name of the central bank, the NBR logo, the nominal value in figures and letters, the rectangle with the NBR logo;
    2. ink that changes color, from golden to green, at different angles of inclination, on two-row obverse, the text “LEI UNA SUTĂ”;
    3. Latent image on the reverse, at the base of King Ferdinand I’s block, the face value “100” being visible when the banknote looks at different angles of inclination;
    4. overlapping element in the form of a fragment of the military order “Mihai Viteazul”, which was established by King Ferdinand I for deeds of bravery during the First World War. Fragments of it are positioned both on the obverse and on the reverse, and the overlay is done when the banknote is illuminated from the opposite side of the viewer;
    5. laser micro-perforations representing the nominal value “100”, located in the central area, in the vertical direction.


Sources: bnr.ro


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