Albania’s central bank to issue new banknote

The central Bank of Albania Thursday informed it had decided to issue a new banknote at a denomination of 10,000 leks (88 U.S. dollars).

“The Supervisory Council of the Bank decided on Wednesday to approve the model of the new banknote to be issued in early 2018,” Bank of Albania said in a press statement.

According to the Bank, the new banknote will carry the portrait of the famous Albanian poet Asdreni.

It also features the symbol of the National Flag and a line from the National Anthem, known otherwise as the Anthem of the Flag “Around our flag we stand united/With one wish and one goal.”

The Bank further informed that the Supervisory Council had also approved the other defined features of the new banknote like the name of the bank, the nominal value as well as the size of the banknote.

The new 10,000 leks banknote will be the banknote with the highest value as currently, Albania has the banknote worth 5,000 leks as its highest value banknote.

The need to have a higher value banknote was highlighted by the economy and banking experts about two years ago, however, the Bank of Albania decided now to issue the new banknote which will be put in circulation in 2018.

Source: xinhuanet

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