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Albania to Release its First Polymer Notes

For the first time in 20 years, the Bank of Albania has revealed new banknotes that are made of polymer. It will be printed by De La Rue and the 200 Lek will be the first-ever Albanian banknote to be produced on extra secure Safeguard substrate for durability.

The six denominations are 200 Lek, 500 Lek, 1,000 Lek, 2,000 Lek, 5,000 Lek, and 10,000 Lek. The denominations 200 and 5,000 Lek notes are the first ones to enter the circulation starting Sept. 30th. The 10,000, 1,000, 2,000 and 500 Lek notes will be released in the successive years.

The new series maintains the traditional designs of the previous notes. The notes depict socio-economic and political milestones in Albanian history.  The 5, 000 Lek note depicts the Skanderbeg period where Skanderbeg was the 15th-century military commander who became a symbol of Albanian nationalism. 

The 2,00 Lek note shows the National Awakening of 1831 to 1912 with poet, writer, and patriot Naim Frasheri. The notes are different from the old ones in color and are more modern in look. 

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