South Georgia issues commemorative coins. South Georgia
South Georgia issues commemorative coins on Queen Victoria’s bicentenary anniversary death. To celebrate the bicentenary anniversary of Queen Victoria, the Government and treasury of South Georgia and South Sandwich islands have issued new crown coins and gold £4 pieces on Thursday, 21st March. She was born at Kensington Palace on 24th May 1819, as the more

Azerbaijan updates ten-manat bill Azerbaijan
Unlike the existing 10 manats, the opposite face of the new note has the coat of arms of Azerbaijan as a watermark. On the left side of the note, there is moving waves, a big denomination number in color with 3D effects and also the maiden tower is reflected by a new hologram were mini more

Kazakhstan will get rid of the Russian language on their money. Kazakhstan
The designs of the coins and banknotes of the national currency (tenge) have been changed by the Kazakh authorities. It has been published by president Nursultan Nazarbayev on the website of legal information system “Adilet”. In the design of collection coins and investment issued by Bank of Kazakhstan, the Russian language can be used. According more

Czech National Bank issues a silver coin. Czechia
To celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Ales Hrdlicka the Czech National Bank is putting into circulation a CZK commemorative silver coin on 20th March 2019. The forged coin is issued in two versions which contains 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper. It has a diameter of 31 mm, thickness of 2.3 mm and more