SBP rejects rumours about issuing new-design banknotes Pakistan
The State Bank Tuesday categorically rejected news regarding issuance of new currency notes bearing various denominations. “There is no plan whatsoever to issue new-design banknotes in the near future,” the central bank said in a statement. It clarified that the SBP Act, 1956 clearly delineates the functions of different authorities in the matter of selection more

The Bank of Mexico presents a new design for the 500 peso bill Mexico
The Bank of Mexico issues a new 500-peso note in which our historical legacy and natural wealth are captured with innovative security features. Know them! Multicolored name. Move the ticket slightly and observe how the color changes from green to blue of the number 500. The dynamic thread. The elements within the green band have more

The BCRA puts into circulation the new $ 50 bill with the image of the Andean Condor Argentina
As of August 16, it will be distributed progressively throughout the country. . The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) today put into circulation the new 50 peso bill with the image of the condor, an emblematic bird of the Andean mountain range and neighboring mountain ranges of our country. Starting tomorrow, August 16, it will be distributed progressively more