RBI to Halt Printing of ₹ 2000!! India
Demonetization of ₹1000 and 500 notes was one of the huge economic transformation, Indian economy has ever faced. Though the government came up with the introduction of ₹2000 notes to bridge the gap, the latest news from RBI states that they have currently halted the printing of ₹2000 notes. This step is taken in order to more

Philippines Central Bank to Launch New Coins Philippines
BSP, the Central Bank of Philippines, has announced to exclude coins for 10 cents from the new series that is to be minted this year. Instead the Bank will come with a new design for the coins. As per the information available, the new coins will have all the security features as in the banknotes. more

Clydesdale Bank to introduce new polymer £10 banknotes Scotland
Clydesdale Bank has announced to launch its second polymer note. This time, the bank is introducing its £10 by September 2017. David Duffy, chief executive of Clydesdale Bank, expressed his excitement on the introduction of this new member to the polymer series, after the huge success of £5 polymer note which was presented last September. He also mentioned more