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$2 bill to be circulated from April 30th in Ecuador

For the first time, a consignment of two-dollar bills will be brought to the country, 19 years after the implementation of dollarization. From Tuesday, April 30 this denomination will be available for citizenship use, exclusively in the windows of the ECB that are in the Government Financial Management Platform. There is an image of Thomas Jefferson the third president of the United States, between 1801 and 1809 on the obverse side of the two dollar bill.  A representation of the Declaration of the Independence of the country, elaborated by the assistant of George Washington and painter, John Trumbull is on the reverse.

The physical characteristics of the two dollar bill have a subtle style that can be felt when passing the fingertip over the relief of the area of Jefferson’s clothing. If a crispy sound is produced then it shows the consistency of the paper and its defined texture. Blue and red fibrils are present on the front and back of the note.

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