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100 and 1,000 Uruguayan pesos bills are in circulation with new securities

The $ 100 (Series G) and $ 1,000 (Series E) bills began to circulate incorporating new securities.

The $ 100 bills have security features equal to $ 200 , while $ 1,000 have similar characteristics to $ 2,000 , which were disclosed in his or PPORTUNITY.

In order to guarantee its identification and protection, in this series the following securities are introduced:

Ticket of 100 pesos

1. Register perfect: The number 100 is completed by observing it by light.
2. The thread is metallic, stamped and has the word “Uruguay”.
3. When observing the light, the watermark shows the image of Eduardo Fabini, as well as the value of the bill in              letters, and the number “100”, which is repeated three times.
4. The latent image is changed by the map of Uruguay and inside it, when moving the ticket the value $ 100 appears in large size in the middle and repeated several times in a smaller way.

On the back of the ticket you can see:

1. An iridescent band with the value of the ticket expressed in number within it.
2. Barniz: “BCU 100” appears on the right and “100” in the lower left corner.

1,000 peso bill

1. Register perfect: The number 1000 is completed by observing it
2. Holographic hilo with the Escudo de Uruguay and the inscription BCU 1000
3. When observing through the light you can see the image of Juana de Ibarbourou, the value of the bill in letters              (thousand) and the number 1000 repeated three times.
4. The Latent Image was changed by the Map of Uruguay and within the figure 1000. When tilting it changes color            from green to golden.
5. The mark for blind people is found on both sides of the ticket.
6. On the back of the ticket you can see:

iridescent band with the inscription $ 1000

1. On the right the inscription BCU 1000 in varnish
2.  On the left, in the lower corner, the figure 1000 in varnish


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